This course is for you if:

- You want to learn IOT/ Embedded technologies concepts and programming
- You want to pivot your career towards the design and development of Internet of Things enabled products.
- You are facing interviews for IOT positions in India/Abroad
- You are an entrepreneur, innovator looking to build advanced IOT solutions.
- You are a student looking to build Final Year Engineering IOT projects. Or looking for Experience Certication in IOT to enhance your employment prospects

Internet of Things(IoT) Smart Home Development Course

  • Understand the Smart Home Gateway and Edge Node architecture
  • Learn about the Wireless protocols used in IoT.
  • Communication protocols used in IoT Smart Home Solution
  • Understand the concepts of device connectivity using MQTT protocol
  • Understanding the Broker-Client. architecture for accessing the cloud.
  • Deploying and Configuring of MQTT broker in cloud.
  • Installing and Configuring the MQTT Android app to synch with the cloud.
  • Development of gateway software/ip-devices in python(MQTT client).
  • Development of Bluetooth application to interface with the gateway and exchange data from cloud using gateway
  • Integration of Sub-systems to develop the solution for Smart Home automation.


How will this program Benefit you?


Get Experience Certificate

On sucessfull course completion completion, earn Certificate of Experience in Building Smart Home Prototype based on Embedded/ IOT technologies


Get Personalized Guidance

Personalized mentoring from IOT Architect to help you program/debug Free guidance post course completion for participants appearing for IoT Interviews in India or Abroad


Learn State of the Art Tech:

Learn End to End advanced Smart Home IOT solution including Gateway software, Edge Node Computing,Cloud Configurations , Raspberry Pi, Python Programming, MQTT Client Broker Configuration, Gateway Bluetooth Applications Interface ,MQTT App on Android.


Part 1

  • Introduction of IoT, role of embedded system in IoT.
  • Understanding the Architecture of IoT- Gateway, Edge Nodes(No-Ip devices, Ip devices)
  • Application of IoT in different domain
  • Embedded Systems and IoT
  • Wireless protocols used in IoT.(Comparision of the Wireless protocols in IoT)
  • Communication protocols used in IoT.(Comparision between different protocols used in IoT: MQP and MQTT)
  • Introduction of Python programming language.
  • Installation of Python 2.7 in Raspberry Pi.
  • Installation of Python MQTT library in Raspberry Pi.
  • Understanding the Concept of Broker-Client architecture for
  • accessing the cloud.
  • Installation and Deploying of MQTT broker in cloud.
  • Configuring the Broker in the cloud.


  • Installation of third party MQTT Dashboard application in Mobile(Android prefered)
  • Configuring the MQTT app to synch with the Cloud.
  • Development of gateway software/ip-devices in Python(MQTT client).
  • Development of Bluetooth application to interface with the gateway and exchange data from Cloud using Gateway.
  • Integration of the above developed sub-systems and develop the Smart Home automation.

Optional and extendable:
Development of firmware (embedded software) for 32-bit ARM microcontroller no-ip device (using embedded C).